"Leonardo is the most incredible actor on the planet,.. I walked away from my audition and I couldn’t believe that I’d been acting with him…. At the audition, we had been acting out these scenes together. We did 15 takes of one scene. He didn’t really have much dialogue as Gatsby, and the camera was never on him, but he played three other characters. He’d say a line as Gatsby, and then he’d jump up and play Tom Buchanan. We were doing the scene with the cameras over my shoulder, and he was lighting a cigarette for me and looking at me. It was all me, and he didn’t have any words, and he was improvising stuff to say, just to help me. I was like, “Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t need to be helping me in this audition.” He was auditioning girls all day. I was so blown away by how generous he was, let alone being amazing to act with."

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Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us.

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The question is: Was all this legal? Absolutely not

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After 15 years in storage, the lemons had developed a delayed fuse. It took 90 minutes for this little fuckers to kick in, but once they did… POW!


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Leonardo DiCaprio Filmography (1991-2004)

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Absolutely fucking not.

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Leonardo DiCaprio at the 66th, 77th, 79th, and 86th Academy Awards

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